The HairHangerz Story

If, like me, you use clip-in extensions and have endured the frustration of losing pieces of hair, or ending up with matted, tangled hair, or if you have had trouble drying and styling them, you will totally get HairHangerz! I Googled it and could find nothing other than a storage box or material wrap style case. I wanted to create something that would solve all problems in one, a way to store in one place tangle-free, to style hands-free saving lots of frustration and time! And a way to transport around easily. So, after working out what the product needed to do, I came up with a solution that allows you to store hair tangle-free and allows you to dry, curl or straighten your extensions with the use of both hands! Perfect! I can now dry my extensions without getting someone to stand and hold them for me! So I introduce you to HairHangerz! I hope you find it as useful as I do!