Meet the inventor of HairHangerz

Kate Arnold is from Gloucestershire in the UK and is a mum with 2 young sons, a husband and a dog called Bella. As an avid wearer of hair extensions herself she found it frustrating that there was nothing on the market in which to store or transport them except for a box or material wrap style case, leaving her expensive extensions tangled, unkempt and ultimately damaged. Kate also found it incredible when visiting salons to see that even they did not have a solution for hair extension storage and it was a further surprise to learn that they had to have an assistant hold the extensions when the stylist was styling and preparing them for the waiting customer.  So Kate hatched a plan to design and manufacture her own solution, one which would solve the storage and transport issues AND the problem of how to hold the extensions when styling them, without the need for an assistant or extra pair of hands.

So, after undertaking some market research and commissioning the services of an award-winning UK industrial designer, a design and prototyping phase was undertaken and, after a few set-backs along the way, Kate’s tenacity paid off and finally she produced the perfect solution – the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It stores and protects hair extensions while making it a breeze to transport them and also style them hands-free. HairHangerz is high quality and comes in a choice of two funky colourways. Available now — order right here in the HairHangerz shop.